Types of Dildos

Anal dildos – How about some backdoor exploration? These dildos have a flared base for easy removal. Smaller than the average dildo, these are made for easy anal penetration. Remember to use plenty of lubrication and play slowly.

Chin dildos – These dildos strap to your chin, so that as you’re stimulating your lover orally, you can also pleasure them via penetration.

Dildo balls – An exercise ball with an erotic touch. The dildo is located at the top of the inflatable ball so that you can sit and bounce around all day if you wish.

Dildos with balls – Interior and exterior stimulation! The balls will slap against your thighs and cheeks as you pump away to heaven. The balls always provide an easy handle for you (or your lover), helping you control the depth of your thrusts.

Dildos without balls – Good for women with smaller hands, these dildos are usually ribbed to provide extra sensations during penetrations.

Double dildos – Two dildos connected at the base, you can use these for either simultaneous double penetration or share the other end with your lover. Some are flexible, allowing for more creative positions; others are firm and provides a probing sensation. Let your imagination be your guide.

Ejaculating dildos – Exciting and different, these dildos are meant to squirt liquid into your vagina, similar to the feeling of when a man ejaculates into your depths. Usually made of rubber, these dildos are connected to a tube that will squirt fluids into your hole when you press the bulb. Read the packaging carefully for the semen formula, because you want to stay safe even as you’re riding the orgasmic waves.  

Extenders (also known as Prosthetic Penis Attachments or PPA) – Fitting over your penis, these add some length and width to your package and are capable of helping you sustain your erection. Boosting your natural size, extenders are good for men who either need a little extra encouragement or just want to try something new.

G-spot/p-spot dildos – Curved at the base, these dildos are designed to tickle your secret spot. They are made for both men and women, so go get one to experience a whole new level to your orgasm.

Inflatable dildos – Once you insert these dildos, you can use a hand pump to inflate it, creating the sensation of being stuffed. Since you control the speed of these pumps, you can go learn your rhythm and find the one that’s best delivers you into a hot orgasm.

Large dildos – In the mood to be stuffed? Then a large dildo is for you! Large and filling, these dildos can either be firm and stiff or pliable and soft. Given their size, these are not for the faint of heart, and you should always use plenty of lubrication.

Realistic dildos – These dildos look and feel real, positively delighting you with how wonderfully genuine they feel. The sensations they provide are as close to the real thing as possible, though the price does get higher with better quality toys. Some of these dildos are even directly casted from male porn stars to capture the finest details. To capture that realistic feel, these dildos are usually made from soft and flexible material such as silicone, Cyberskin™ or jelly.  

Ribbed dildos - These exaggerated ribs will rub your walls in the most scandalous ways! The ribs are made to thrill your body as you thrust; the grooves are meant to drive you wild. Usually made of rubber or jelly, these dildos are designed to be comfortable and gentle on you. For a stimulating experience, you can’t go wrong with a ribbed dildo.

Strap-on dildos – Attached to a harness that you wear around the waist and legs, these dildos will drive your imagination crazy. Good for role play and lesbian action, strap-ons are perfect for anyone who wants to try something new. Remember to buy a longer dildo if you intend to use it with a harness because the last few inches will be strapped onto the attachment.

Suction dildos – These dildos have a suction cup on the bottom, making them the perfect  playmates in the shower (or in the kitchen or against the wall)! Holding themselves in place, these dildos will stay on a sticky surface so you can ride yourself to orgasm.

Vertebrae dildos – Bending this way and that, these dildos are flexible and will stay in the shape that you want. Since you can twist them into various shapes, these dildos will provide a wealth of sensations during penetration.